The Official Guide

A new official guide to Flora Day is now available containing all you need to know about this very special event. Contents include :

  • Information about the ancient borough of Helston
  • The Furry Dance – its origins
  • The order of proceedings and routes of the dances
  • The Hal-an-Tow

Copies are available by sending a cheque or postal order for £6:00 to the Secretary – please make cheques payable to ‘Helston Flora Day Association’

The Children's Dance

Helston Flora Day – The Official Guide

The Morning Dance

Dancing begins at 7am when the early morning dance takes to the streets. This is the longest dance of the day and follows a route roughly outlining the extremities of "the old town". This dance was originally for the workers and servants who could have their enjoyment for the day before attending to their duties.

The Hal-an-Tow

At 8.30am the Mummers' play known as the Hal-An-Tow starts at St Johns Bridge and is then performed at several more venues around the town. Watch St George and St Michael slay the Dragon and the Devil, cheered on by a crowd dressed in Lincoln green and Elizabethan robes.

The Children's Dance

The children of the town dance at 9.40am. Over 1,000 take part all dressed in white with the boys wearing their school ties and the girls wearing head dresses in their school colours. This dance starts at the bottom of Wendron Street.

The Midday Dance

At midday, there's the principal dance. This is The Ancient Furry Dance and was, in the past, reserved for the gentry of Helston and the surrounding district. Participation is still by invitation only and there is no greater honour for a Helstonian than to be asked to lead the dance. To do so you have to be Helston born.